Case Studies

“When you have a $7,000 item like a Jaws of Life tool, metal on metal is not a good combination when you are carrying it in the truck and deploying it. The tool gets destroyed by the metal bracket designed to hold it. Plus, you have high moisture situations with fire fighting, so you need to worry about rust. The Hitec material is moisture-resistant and very forgiving for emergency tool transport.”

Mike Snow, Plastix Plus - Cypress, Texas

“We chose Endurabond for several reasons, including its water resistance, the fact that it won’t rot, rust or decay, and our ability to apply and bond cement to it to create the outer exhibit.”

Ron Perry, Sea Research Foundation

“Our fabrication customers find Thermax XL easier to weld than other FM4910 listed materials. It has a high-gloss bright white aesthetically pleasing surface. Those benefits combined with its affordability make it a great choice for our customers in the fabrication and semiconductor industries.”

Patti Robison, Port Plastics