Outdoor Living & Marine Material Solutions

Marine & Boat Builds

The best qualities of building with wood without the maintenance that comes with the corrosion from outdoor elements.

Outdoor Seating

Materials for outdoor furniture and other seating that withstand the elements.

Outdoor Furniture

Durable building materials for your outdoor living space meant to be used and gathered around.

Outdoor Signs

Market and promote your brand effectively outside without worrying about the sun or harsh elements.

Outdoor / Indoor Playground Systems

HDPE Plastics Designed for Playgrounds and Recreational Materials.

RV Builds

Replace applications where wood and metal are traditionally used with high-performing plastics.

“We chose Endurabond for several reasons, including its water resistance, the fact that it won’t rot, rust or decay, and our ability to apply and bond cement to it to create the outer exhibit.”

Ron Perry, Sea Research Foundation