Celtec® PVC Signboard
Material for Graphic Displays,
Plastic Signboard, & PVC Signs

Have you ever had an idea for a brilliant sign or display but you’re not sure what plastic sign material you would use? Vycom’s Celtec® family of premium signboard solution material is designed with a unique combination of features which make them ideal for digital and screen printing, signage, exhibits, POP and more.

Vycom is a top signboard material supplier. Our team of engineers is constantly reviewing each and every product with the goal of achieving a superior plastic signboard material for the fabricator, the designer, and printer. We test all of our pvc signage materials to not only guarantee that the material is of the highest quality but to also ensure its uniformity and durability. All of Vycom’s plastic sign materials are proudly produced in the USA at our factory in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

We at Vycom know that in this day in age it is important to be environmentally conscious. To do our part we are constantly seeking out new and better ways to make our products more eco-friendly. Our PVC signboard materials are lead and heavy metal free, which optimizes performance while being environmentally friendly.

A Versatile Plastic Sign Material


Celtec Expanded PVC

Our Celtec® Expanded PVC signage material is notably used for a large range of projects with top applications including point of purchase displays, signage, storage, store fixtures, exhibits/kiosks, dimensional lettering and display boards. Fabricators and designers love working with Celtec® because it is lightweight, easy to fabricate, paint and laminate. The smaller cell structure of Celtec® Expanded PVC’s optimal density provides for edge finishing and superior screw and staple retention, while great fastening characteristics and fire properties make it easy to work with. Offered in a wide range of thicknesses and in a full line of standard colors, there are also custom colors available upon request. Designers choose Celtec® plastic sign board material because they know the quality of their work will show through, every time.

Vycom Celtec Expanded PVC Color Options
Vycom Digital and Screen Printing Materials

Celtec Vivid White Expanded PVC

Looking for a bright white option in Expanded PVC that makes cooler colors pop with vivid color, creating the perfect mood and message? Celtec Vivid White PVC provides a vivid color definition, eye-appeal, and impact, as well as influences tone and mood.

Celtec DigiLite Expanded PVC

Celtec® DigiLite® low-density PVC foam board delivers economical design flexibility for signmakers and printers, backed by the same premium print quality as our Celtec® Expanded PVC. DigiLite is approximately 15% lighter than other Celtec signboard materials.

Vycom Digital Printing and Sign Materials
Celtec Textured Expanded PVC Woodgrain

Celtec Textured Woodgrain Expanded PVC

Celtec® Woodgrain launches our Textured line of wood grain PVC signboard material, adding eye-catching dimension to digitally crafted signage by giving print service providers a new level of design flexibility with the same quality and production ease of our Celtec® Expanded PVC.

Celtec Ultra White

Vycom’s Celtec Ultra White® is the ultimate plastic sign board solution for your outdoor and indoor plastic material needs. Our advanced solid PVC formulation works well in outdoor applications of PVC signs where resistance to ultraviolet (UV) degradation and impact durability are critical. Performance tests indicate that Ultra White® is up to eight times more resistant to UV damage and is both digital & screen printable. Celtec® Ultra White® is a brighter white plastic sign material that is both thermoformable and die cuttable.

Vycom Industry Signage
Celtec Thick Gauge Expanded PVC Monument Signage

Celtec Thick Gauge Expanded PVC

Celtec® Thick Gauge material offers the print and design communities the flexibility to go bold with creativity while enjoying the same quality and ease of production as our Celtec® Expanded PVC. Available in 32mm and 38mm thicknesses, it provides a commanding base to make images come to life while product formulation and UV performance provide consistency in aesthetics and workability.

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“I can always recommend and specify Celtec® without reservation for the most demanding inkjet printing jobs.”

Dene Taylor, Commercial Printing Expert

Celtec’s Premium Signboard Solutions are Eco-Friendly

Research suggests 15.3 billion trees are cut down every year.
Unlike traditional wood, our premium signboard materials won’t rot, corrode or impact our forests. However, you will still be able to maintain the best properties of wood. The excellent workability of Celtec allows it to be shaped like it actually came from trees. Mill it, route it, sand it, finish and print it…then remember to recycle it through Vycom’s Recycling Program once you’re done!

Frequently Asked Questions

Celtec® PVC products are free of lead and heavy metal, so they are safe have around consumables & perishables and are not harmful to the environment. Celtec® performance and sustainable material results in signs that have a long life cycle – so you can get the long lasting signage you need while being environmentally conscious.

Celtec® offers a PVC that is more vibrant than the competition’s. Plus, Celtec® Ultra White® and Expanded PVC can be die-cut without hassle or new equipment, just like paper stocks.

Celtec® printable PVC products follow the same high standards Vycom is known for. From color consistency to workability, these PVC products can be fabricated for any need, making it perfect to replace traditional materials for any application.