Maintaining Sustainability Through Best Practice


VYCOM Green Mission

As a leading supplier of premium, branded, low maintenance building products, CPG is widely known as a company that is committed to bringing value and quality to its customers. We believe our responsibility is not only to our customers, but also to the environment.

As a company, we strive to maintain sustainable business practices and use our resources in a responsible manner. We are focused on achieving sustainability through ongoing improvements that protect our environment, our employees and our business profitability.

Respecting the Environment

Our concern and respect for the environment is evident through our continued effort to introduce and produce sustainable products, products with a life span in excess of 25 years– uncomparably longer than the life spans of the traditional materials they replace, products that ultimately limit VOC emission by requiring little to no maintenance or cleaning with harsh chemicals, and products that are versatile and recyclable at the end of their useful lives.

Reducing Our Environmental Impact

Our commitment to actively reducing the environmental impact of what we produce and our employees consume is an integral part of the value we bring our customers. We intend to go beyond the basics of merely cutting waste and operating efficiently by taking a holistic approach to sustainable development.

Establishing a Leadership Role in Education

We strive to take a leadership role in educating all our influencers, suppliers, customers and consumers about the best practices to achieve environmental excellence.

The future is dependent upon the commitment we make to sustain the natural environment. To achieve this, CPG is pursuing several “green” initiatives which will positively impact the environment, our products and our culture.

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