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Designboard® Products – Brave the Elements with HDPE

Have you ever wanted that rich mahogany look for your patio but were concerned with outdoor conditions and how it would hold up? Vycom’s Designboard® family of HDPE materials provides a solution to traditional materials such as wood or metal that have rotted or rusted overtime.

With the Designboard® Collection, it is possible to create luxurious design-quality displays and outdoor cabinetry with a material that is maintenance-free, resists scratches, mold and mildew and never needs painting. It’s also nonporous and easy to work with using standard woodworking machinery and tools. It is available in sizes of 3/8″, and 1″.



Our HDPE Wood Substitute Product

This solid plastic material offers the rich designer shades & textures of wood, metals and other materials with the durability and weather resistance of solid HDPE. Because of its superior qualities and resistance to harsh environmental factors, Designboard® is used for many different applications including outdoor & indoor cabinetry, furniture, point of purchase displays, signage and wood & metal replacements. So no matter what a company’s needs may be, Designboard® is a great material to consider.

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