Flametec® Products
Heat Resistant Plastic

Vycom’s Flametec® proprietary family of fire resistant plastic offers the semiconductor and cleanroom industry a full portfolio of product offerings that is specially formulated to exceed the fire compliances for polymers. Our heat resistant plastic offers superior chemical resistance while providing optimal physical properties for fabrication, forming and workability. That is why our Flametec® family of high temperature plastic materials is used in so many different applications such as wet process equipment, chemical delivery systems, hoods, benches & sinks, cleanroom carts, cleanroom accessories, fume & exhaust hoods, air flow stations, biological safety cabinets, plenum tanks, chemical tanks & containment, pulp & paper, metallurgical and pharmaceutical applications.

Highest Quality
Fire Resistant Material

Here at Vycom we believe in producing the highest quality products, so for our Flametec® family, we put inspection standards into place even before the industry required standards. Our Flametec® fire resistant plastic material is known throughout the industry as the highest quality fire resistant material, and we pride ourselves in knowing that we are supplying customers with the best possible materials for whatever their application may be.

The Flametec® family of fire safe materials includes Cleanroom PVC-C, Thermax® XL PVC, CP-7D, and CP-5. All of our products have optimal physical properties for fabrication, forming and workability that appeal to manufacturers, designers and builders alike.

Our Flametec® family of fire safe plastic materials offers a full portfolio of materials for various projects. Whether designing anything from cleanrooms & buildings to tools & furniture, Flametec® ensures that these fire safe options are met with quality that exceeds expectations. Flametec®, like all of our hdpe plastic materials, is proudly made in the USA at our factory in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

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“Thermax PVC cuts very nicely, has thickness uniformity and a smooth surface finish that makes thermo forming and welding very manageable. It also has a bright white color for a clean look.”

Lincoln Bejan, President, Chemical Safety Technologies, Inc.

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