Thermax XL PVC – FM4910 Listed

Flametec® Thermax XL is a fire-resistant PVC sheet that meets FM4910 criteria and is ideal for various applications in demanding industrial, semiconductor and cleanroom environments. A member of the Flametec line of products, Thermax XL PVC is the next generation of Thermax material, now with a brighter white color and high gloss finish for outstanding aesthetics and ease of fabrication.

Compliance for Demanding
Manufacturing Environments

Thermax XL PVC is FM4910 compliant, certifying the material passes the Factory Mutual test for fire propagation and smoke development, which can limit the damage caused by fires. Also, Thermax XL meets UL 94 V0 and 5VA criteria, and is REACH and RoHS compliant, making it a good fit for projects in the semiconductor industry or cleanroom environments, and for any application where materials need to provide great resistance to flame and smoke development.

In addition to its high-gloss and smooth surface finish, Thermax XL is easy to fabricate – its welding rod uses the same formulation as the sheet material – saving time for quicker project turnaround. It is chemical and corrosion-resistant, and also resists particle adhesion.

Partnering with Port Plastics

Port Plastics, a leading national supplier of engineered plastics, is at the forefront of cutting-edge technology and brings its expertise to its customers in the form of new, enhanced performance materials like Thermax XL PVC. Whether it is for wet benches, process tools, furniture or cabinetry, Thermax XL PVC provides a PVC solution with high workability delivering a bright white surface with outstanding aesthetics.

Port Plastics has been supplying Thermax XL PVC sheets to companies that create specialized machine parts, delivery systems, and highly engineered process tools for the semiconductor, cleanroom, and other industries.

“Our fabrication customers find Thermax XL easier to weld than other FM4910 listed materials,” said Patti Robison, General Manager at Port Plastics in Phoenix, AZ. “Thermax XL has a high-gloss bright white aesthetically pleasing surface. Those benefits combined with its affordability make it a great choice for our customers in the fabrication and semiconductor industries.”

Port Plastics and Vycom understand that both companies have substantial market know-how, systems, and brand alignment to create a partnership that has enabled them to create a true synergy to better serve existing customers and develop relationships with new ones. For inquires in the Arizona area, please contact Patti Robison, General Manager at Port Plastics in Phoenix.

Thermax XL Sheets are Recyclable

Thermax XL sheets can be reclaimed through Vycom’s industry-leading recycling program that captures and recycles printed and unprinted PVC and acrylic sheets, as well as scraps and drops from finishing and fabricating. The program is intended for users of PVC, acrylic and PE products – in coordination with authorized distributors for drop-off or collection – to recycle used material, which is returned to company-owned recycling facilities and used to internally manufacture residential and commercial products, ensuring these materials do not end up in landfills.