Corrtec® Chemical &
Corrosion Resistant Materials

Vycom’s Corrtec® family of chemical and corrosion resistant materials provides many polymer options including PVC (Types I and II), CPVC, HDPE, PP and CoPP formulations. These materials are designed to meet requirements in chemical handling, air processing, industrial tanks, pharmaceuticals, wastewater management and many other industries. The Corrtec® family can handle everything from highly technical applications to the most basic needs. Our materials are proudly made in the USA at our plant in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

Vycom’s Corrtec® family of chemical and corrosion resistant materials are easy to fabricate, weld, machine or thermoform. They have high impact & abrasion resistance and allow minimal moisture absorption.

We at Vycom make it a point to have the best quality materials that not only fit a company’s needs, but also comply with important regulations. We have tested our materials for numerous compliances including: FDA, USDA, NSF (Natural only), ASTM-D-1784, UL 94 V-O, and RoHS compliant.

Highly Versatile
HDPE Material

Corrtec® Hitec® HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) is a highly versatile material for use in a wide variety of applications and industries. Hitec® can handle food processing, machined & fabricated parts, die cutting pads, tanks & secondary containment, material handling systems and more. It has excellent impact strength & abrasion resistance, no moisture absorption and is chemical & corrosion resistant. It is because of these characteristics and the high versatility of Hitec® HDPE that it has a multitude of uses.

Highly Chemical &
Corrosion Resistant Material

Corrtec® Protec® PP (Homopolymer Polyproplyene) is highly chemical and corrosion resistant material that exhibits excellent tensile stiffness and low moisture absorption for use in a wide variety of applications and industries.

Top applications include tanks and secondary containment, medical orthotic and prosthetic, die cutting pads, air processing applications such as fume hoods and ducting.

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“When you have a $7,000 item like a Jaws of Life tool, metal on metal is not a good combination when you are carrying it in the truck and deploying it. The tool gets destroyed by the metal bracket designed to hold it. Plus, you have high moisture situations with fire fighting, so you need to worry about rust. The Hitec material is moisture-resistant and very forgiving for emergency tool transport.”

Mike Snow, President & Co-Owner, Plastix Plus

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