Modular Divider Manufacturer Uses Vycom’s Celtec® Expanded PVC for Multiple Color, Cut-out and Printed Options

Loftwall, located in Dallas, Texas, provides modular divider solutions for office and residential spaces. Their versatile systems are a more attractive, modern way to divide a space than conventional cubicle walls. Customers choose from a variety of ¼-inch thick substrates as panels set within sleek aluminum frames. One of Loftwall’s more cost-effective and attractive panel options is Vycom’s Celtec® expanded PVC sheet material. Celtec performs well as a printing substrate and holds up well when cut our routed, so Loftwall uses it for dividers that are printed with customers’ branding or photo images, or with the company’s unique webbed cut-out design.

Celtec was designed for use in a large range of projects, including point of purchase displays, signage, art, storage, store fixtures, exhibits/kiosks, dimensional lettering and display boards. The lightweight material is easy to fabricate, paint and laminate. The smaller cell structure of Celtec Expanded PVC’s optimal density provides for edge finishing and superior screw and staple retention make it easy to work with.

“Celtec is a quality panel solution for customers who want to brand their space, whether by incorporating their company colors throughout it or by displaying a logo or motto,” says Rose Gutierrez, brand ambassador for Loftwall.

In 2014, Loftwall developed a pattern called the Web Wall, fashioned after the Beijing Olympic Stadium with its nest of layers. For this design, Celtec is CNC routed. “The material cuts and routes really well. People think it’s metal or steel because it has that clean aesthetic when installed,” says Gutierrez.

One of the key benefits of the Loftwall systems is that it is completely modular. If a company needs to rearrange a space, or move to a new location altogether, the units can simply be reconfigured.

“The Celtec option is one of our most versatile because customers can change images or color schemes fairly easily by just ordering new panels,” says Gutierrez.

Loftwall offers Celtec in red, yellow, blue, black, white, gray, dark gray and beige as standard options. They can also provide other colors on special request.

“Celtec is the one we use most often, though, because it’s cost-effective, attractive and provides so many options for color and design,” Gutierrez notes.