Digital & Screen Printing Materials

We know printing isn’t easy, so we’ve done our part to simplify the process. Vycom’s engineers put in the work to design a line of premium sign board solutions that are light weight, durable, and of great quality. Working with the Celtec family of products is as simple as loading your flatbed and hitting the start button.

Some applications include:

  • Indoor & Ourdoor Signage

  • Point of Purchase Displays & Store Fixtures

  • Trade Show Exhibits & Kiosks

Simply put, Celtec is your answer the next time you are ready to bring an eye-catching, wide-format print idea to life.

Vycom Digital and Screen Printing Materials
Vycom Outdoor Living Materials

Outdoor Living Materials

When materials are exposed to nature, they need to withstand harsh elements. Sun, water, snow, ice, etc., will cause wood to change color, warp, weaken, and eventually rot. Vycom’s durable, low-maintenance products will outlast wood and metal with a wide range of material advantages.

Some applications include:

  • Outdoor Furniture, Cabinetry, & Storage

  • Building & Construction Elements

  • Outdoor Signage

Whether you are looking at our Seaboard®, Designboard® or TimberLine® families of HDPE sheet, Vycom has a solution to meet all your needs!

Industrial Materials

Vycom’s highly engineered performance products provide great versatility for your projects, inspire innovation, and contribute to clean energy solutions.

Materials like Corzan®, HDPE, PVC, and PP can be used in industrial applications providing excellent thermal and corrosion properties, and can even be fabricated into complex shapes. Vycom also offers food processing materials for commercial kitchens and similar environments.

Some applications include:

  • Wet Process Tools & Equipment

  • Chemical Delivery Systems

  • Hoods, Benches, & Sinks

  • Food Processing Materials

Remember to always be sure you are selecting the right material for the job! If you have any questions, Vycom is here to help with one of the broadest range of offerings available.

Vycom Industrial Materials
Vycom FM4910 Listed Materials

FM 4910 Listed Materials

Vycom materials such as Cleanroom PVC-C, CP-7D, and Thermax XL PVC are designed to provide enhanced durability, workability, chemical resistance to harsh conditions and high temperatures.

Some applications that this allows you to construct are:

  • Wet Benches

  • Working Stations

  • Specialized Tools & Equipment for Cleanrooms

Vycom materials provide a low-cost alternative and better chemical resistance when comparing them against traditional materials like metal and ceramic in the semiconductor industry.

We also offer a variety of gauges and the broadest range of FM 4910 product offerings for these industries

Marine & RV Materials

Vycom has one of the largest portfolios of marine sheet products on the market. No matter what part of your boat build you are in, Vycom has a product to make your build a success.

Some applications that this allows you to construct are:

  • Boat Construction – Cabinetry, Hatch Covers, etc.
  • Marine Outdoor Cabinetry / Furniture

  • RV Construction

Our portfolio family of marine sheet make great alternatives to traditional materials that won’t rot, swell, splinter or rust and will hold up to the harsh elements a marine environment can bring.

Vycom Marine Materials
Vycom Food Processing Materials

Vycom Food Processing Materials

It’s important to pay attention to how we handle preparing food, as it goes from one point to another, before finally cooking and consuming.

Traditional wooden cutting boards may trap in bacteria, leaving risk for food borne illnesses. They also hold in odors and moisture since soap and water won’t necessarily clean your cutting board below the surface – and it is why the onion smell always lingers on the surface of your cutting board after many washes.

Vycom’s HDPE Food Processing Materials are made for your safety in the kitchen, so you don’t need to worry about bacteria, odors, or moisture entering even after putting it into the dishwasher.

Some applications include:

  • Cutting boards & Food Prep

  • Commercial or Residential Kitchen Use

  • Food Processing Manufacturing & Components

Choose Vycom’s HDPE Food Processing materials for your commercial kitchen needs so you can spend more time creating great meals safely and easily.

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