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Playboard® Polycarve Multi-Colored Plastic Sheets

Polycarve® is a multi-colored HDPE material that enhances creativity in playgrounds, outdoor environments and sign and graphics applications by showcasing contrasting colors in the outside layers and core. With five standard color combinations and a central core color that becomes visible when routed, Vycom’s multi-colored HDPE sheets offer a uniquely durable solution for artistic expression.

For signage, multi-colored plastic sheets are perfect for indoor use such as alert placards and directionals in high traffic areas, as well as outdoors for wayfinding and signage in marine, amusement park, golf course, resort, campground, city or neighborhood environment and more. Originally designed for playgrounds and skate parks, the superior UV performance and weatherability of Playboard Polycarve® stand the test of time and vigorous use.

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Top Applications

  • Playground Systems
  • Signage
  • Metric Boards
  • Recreational – Resorts and Amusement parks

The Advantages of Playboard® Polycarve


  • Optimal Skin Thickness and Consistency for Faster Processing

Key Material Benefits

  • Multi Colored HDPE Material
  • Core Color Different than Surface Color
  • Excellent Scratch Resistance
  • Easy to Clean
  • Great Impact and Stiffness
  • Weatherability (UV Stabilized)
  • Will Not Delaminate, Chip, Rot, or Swell
  • No Moisture Absorption


  • Most are FDA Compliant
  • RoHS Compliant


Green/Beige/Green playboard_greenBeige
Blue/Yellow/Blue playboard_blueYellow
Beige/Red/Beige  playboard_yellowRed
Black/White/Black playboard_blackWhite


1/2" - 1"




Playground Made from Playboard Materials
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