Last month, Vycom teamed up with the International Association of Plastics Distribution, Inc. (IAPD) when our Sign & Graphics Technical Market Manager, Michelle White, led an online webinar. Participants from around the world learned about the latest in the sign and graphics market, sub-market segments, and innovative places and uses for performance plastics.

This month, Michelle contributed her expertise again as she hosted the IAPD Women in Plastics educational workshop in Chicago! We were especially proud to team up with IAPD when it comes to the topic of diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

In fact, Vycom’s President, Scott Van Winter, was a keynote speaker for this workshop. Scott is on the board of directors of IAPD, helping to build and strengthen our industry, and he was honored to share his belief in the importance of attracting and retaining female employees in our industry.

Scott serves as the IAPD Board of Directors sponsor for the IAPD Environmental Committee. There, he shares his passion about the environmental advantages of performance plastics, how sustainability leads to improved profitability, and why responsible environmental practices will help recruit the next generation of the workforce within our industry.

And that’s what these diverse subject matters have in common. Thanks to our Association, whether we gather to talk about innovative applications, sustainability initiatives, or inclusion and diversity outreach, we are always planning together for the future of our industry and our community.

Here’s a bit more information about the Women In Plastics group: “Women in Plastics is committed to supporting women through mentoring, education and personal and professional development to attract, retain and advance women within the plastics industry. Women in Plastics is open to members, plastics industry professionals and students who are interested in supporting our objectives:

  • Promote leadership and education focused on women in the plastics industry
  • Provide resources needed for successful career advancement
  • Encourage work/life balance
  • Give back to the community through various philanthropic endeavors

Thank you to IAPD for inviting Vycom to contribute to your inspiring workshop. We are grateful to be part of the relationships and conversations that you spark for all of us.