Innovative PVC and HDPE sheet products for economical wood or metal alternatives in marine applications

Sept 23, 2021 – Vycom, a market-leading manufacturer of highly innovative plastic sheet products, will be showcasing two innovative plastic sheet products at IBEX 2021. Seaboard® StreamLite™ is a light-density, expanded PVC sheet product designed for economical wood or metal replacement. TimberLineTM HDPE sheets deliver the most authentic woodgrain color and texture with high durability and creative flexibility for designers and builders of marine and outdoor living environments. Attendees are invited to visit the Vycom booth 3-1948 at the IBEX 2021 show, September 28-30, in Tampa.

Seaboard StreamLite provides value and performance in a light-density sheet

StreamLite PVC is ideal for practical light-duty applications. It will not rot, swell or split, and is an excellent replacement for wood. StreamLite is easy to handle, cut and fabricate using conventional tools and equipment, and its smaller cell structure enables suitable screw and staple retention. It is UV protected for long-term material performance.

StreamLite can be used to create marine seatbacks, instrument panels, consoles, shutters, case goods and cabinetry, and in non-load-bearing wood replacement applications. It is an engineered product that offers a good strength-to-weight ratio for a variety of marine applications.

Consistent craftsmanship in manufacturing ensures fabricators always receive sheets with dependable quality. StreamLite material is lead and heavy metal-free, and its lighter weight reduces shipping costs and carbon footprint.

New TimberLine finish

TimberLine is the HDPE sheet product with the most authentic-looking woodgrain on the market and is ideal for replacing wood, polylumber or metal in marine and outdoor applications. Recently added is a new matte finish for all colors, offering designers and fabricators more options to provide a welcoming aesthetic that is normally achieved with wood but retains its natural color and wood texture for long-lasting enjoyment. TimberLine is available in five colors:  Whitewash, Teak, Weatherwood, Dark Ash, and Mahogany.

TimberLine can be used in boat construction to create cabinetry and hatch covers, and in marina construction to build outdoor kitchens, furniture, storage and landscape elements. It offers excellent outdoor durability and will not delaminate, chip, rot or swell. Not only can it be cut to accommodate fluid design features, but it can also be heated and shaped for custom builds, so designers and builders can help their customers create unique marine and outdoor environments.

Recycle StreamLite and TimberLine through the Vycom Recycling Program

StreamLite and TimberLine sheets can be reclaimed through Vycom’s Recycling Program that captures and recycles used materials, as well as scraps and drops from finishing and fabricating. The program is intended for users of PVC, acrylic and PE products – in coordination with authorized distributors for drop-off or collection – to recycle used material and scrap, which is returned to company recycling facilities and used to manufacture the company’s residential and commercial products, ensuring these materials do not end up in landfills.

About Vycom Corp.

Vycom, an affiliate of The AZEK Company (NYSE:  AZEK), manufactures market-leading brands of highly innovative plastic sheet products designed to replace wood, metal, and other traditional materials in a variety of applications. The company’s extensive inventory and product offerings provide its customers with the convenience of single-source purchasing and the ability to maximize efficiency. Vycom’s manufacturing agility places it in a prime position to be the essential partner in creating solutions that optimize quality and performance, and in providing a more sustainable future. For more information, visit

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