All of our Vycom product families are rigorously designed and manufactured to perform to demanding specifications when under pressure. When we supply material to a designer, we never lose sight of the end-user that will rely on us. 

Lately, as we watch the extreme weather and storms that have become more common across the country, we’re especially proud to be trusted by those in whom we all place great trust – first responders and emergency personnel.

1st In Emergency Products, based in Pompton Lakes, N.J., manufactures products for use by police, fire and EMS personnel by building customized cabinet, storage units, consoles and other products designed specifically for first responders. This year, they selected Vycom’s Seaboard® High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) for a variety of drawer components and face plates because it’s easy to work with and can withstand the motion, moisture and temperature extremes inside a vehicle.

Ryan Dodd, VP of Operations for 1st In Emergency Products, notes that “emergency service personnel put their equipment through the extremes. They need to get access to their equipment quickly, safely, and hassle-free.”

The properties of Seaboard have long been valued in marine applications for similar reasons. Seaboard HDPE has no moisture absorption, great scratch resistance and is FDA and USDA compliant. And because it is easy to fabricate and machine, its installation is flexible in tight corners.

And this isn’t the first time Seaboard has gone into action with first responders. In 2015, Vycom donated Seaboard HDPE to Northern Colorado Search and Rescue for use in their emergency vehicles. The material was used in equipment consoles that contain lights, sirens, three radios and USB ports, in support of search and rescue, disaster response, traffic and crowd control and medical standby assistance.

Thanks to 1st In Emergency for putting us in the truck. And thanks to all of the first responders and emergency personnel who we count on to bring help when we need it most, across the country and in every season.