According to FedEx Office, 68% of consumers believe a business’ signage illustrates the quality of its products or services. Therefore, it is essential for businesses to have signs that convey their message quickly and in an engaging manner. In order to achieve this, businesses task designers and sign shops with creating top-notch signage. Although different signs will have various functions, shapes and sizes, one thing that they have in common is that PVC (polyvinyl chloride) material is the perfect material to use. There are many reasons why businesses should use PVC signage.

Dimensional Lettering

Businesses are always looking for creative ways to grab potential customers’ attention. Dimensional letters are a great way to do that. Three-dimensional letters give an added depth to business signs and help businesses stand out from the competition. Ideally, PVC should be used for dimensional lettering. PVC is easy to manufacture and laminate. Lamination is important because it ensures the integrity of your sign. Also, cutting PVC isn’t difficult. For PVC sheets of up to 3mm thick, designers can use a utility knife to cut them. PVC sheets thicker than that can be cut with band, table, and panel saws.

POP Display

Another type of business sign is a point-of-purchase sign, also known as a POP display. POP displays are designed to attract a customer’s attention at checkout in brick-and-mortar stores. PVC is a great choice for POP displays for several reasons. First, PVC is lightweight, which makes it easy to handle for in-store installation. Next, paint adheres to PVC very well. A sign shop or designer can use any method of painting in order to color your business’ sign. This allows for sign customization, which can help reinforce brand by using a color scheme.

Monument Sign

Monument signs are large signs that range from 4 feet to 18 feet. Typically, they’re found at the entrance of a business’ parking lot. Specifically, these signs are designed with the purpose of getting users to identify a brand. In order to raise brand awareness, the sign must be big enough to attract passing pedestrians and drivers. With this in mind, PVC is perfect to use for monument signs because it maintains a sign’s integrity against outdoor elements such as UV light.

Sidewalk Sign

One way to increase foot traffic for your business’ brick-and-mortar stores is to put out a sidewalk sign. Using PVC for sidewalk signs is extremely beneficial. For example, PVC is lightweight, making it moveable. This allows businesses to easily carry their sign.

Sidewalk Sign

Storefront Sign

Similar to sidewalk and monument signs, storefront signs ensure brand exposure at all times. Since storefront signs are outdoors, they need to be strong to resist outdoor elements. Therefore, PVC material is an ideal material choice to use because of its high impact strength.

Why Choose Celtec® for Sign Material?

Celtec®’s variety of applications is one reason why businesses should use PVC signage. To begin with, Celtec® has been one of the leading choices for designers, manufacturers, and sign shops because of its lightweight and workability. Additionally, Celtec® is American-made and its family of products have a product lifespan in excess of 25 years. Finally, Celtec® performance tests show when durability is important, choosing Vycom’s solid Ultra White® PVC is up to eight times more resistant to UV damage than other PVC material. Therefore, Celtec solid PVC can be used for signage in airports, corporate headquarters, malls, and any other location that requires a sign.

There are many reasons why businesses should use PVC signage. When choosing which PVC material to use, make sure to choose one of the industry leaders–Celtec.