A recent wedding trend has created a unique application for Vycom’s Celtec expanded PVC product, long recognized in printing circles for its durability and printable surface. According to Tom Van Beuekom, President/Owner of Crown Plastics, Plymouth, MN, the company has found an enterprising business using the material for multi-tiered cupcake trees. Tom designed the display trees in various sizes for weddings, baby showers, holidays and other occasions, as a more affordable option to an acrylic line he created a few years ago. It turned into a mail order business for Crown Plastics, to the extent that the Crystal Palace cupcake trees have their own website at http://www.crystalpalacecupcaketree.com.

“It all started when a bride requested a cupcake tree,” said Van Beusekom, “and we were able to customize an elegant, backlit stand that holds the cake on top with tiered cupcakes below. It just took off from there as word spread.”

Van Beusekom explained that the ease with which Celtec can be fabricated allows treatments such as rounded shapes and scalloped edges. It also provided an easy to clean surface that is suitable for incidental food contact. “Its a very cost effective option, since the lightweight nature of the product and its ability to fold flat makes it inexpensive to ship” he noted.

The versatility of cupcakes have made them a fun item at weddings and other events, but the trees can also be used for other freestanding items like flowers, candies, champagne glasses and appetizers. They are available in four sizes of 3-6 tiers with an optional Lazy Susan base.

Because Celtec is not only durable, but highly printable, one may wonder if the cupcake trees will get graphic treatments in the near future. “Don’t count anything out,” said Van Beusekom, “I’m sure that’s coming next.”

For more information about these unique cupcake trees, visit http://www.crystalpalacecupcaketree.com