Scranton, PA,– Vycom, a world leader in PVC and olefin solutions for numerous industries, is among the three finalists in the first IAPD Plastics Application Design Competition. The design competition is part of the “Celebrating Plastics” theme of the 57th Annual Convention & Plastics Showcase, Sept 30 – October 2, 2013, Miami, FL. The first, second and third prize placements will be announced at the end of the Plastics Showcase at a luncheon.

The competition showcases innovative uses of plastics in various applications. Vycom submitted a unique project that incorporated its Celtec® PVC materials into two sculptures called “Surface Deep” and “Surface Deep II,” created by students at the Harvard Graduate School of Design. The material was used as the platform for these compelling sculptures that integrated plant ecosystems with modern city architecture that also engage the public. Both sculptures won accolades at international garden shows in Toronto and Quebec, Canada.

“To be recognized by our industry as a top three finalist among many high level competitors is a great honor,” said Don Wharton, President, Vycom. “The fascinating and intricate Surface Deep sculpture designs demonstrate the precision and workability of our Celtec material. This project shows that beauty, sustainability and durability can be brought together even in the most challenging environments.”

Led by Harvard visiting lecturers David Mah and Asenio Leyre, who are partners in an international design firm, the students decided they needed a durable frame material that combined workability, light weight, a good finish, and the ability to withstand outdoor conditions. Their research led them to Celtec® PVC as the framework for their sculpture. Celtec is designed for outdoor applications where resistance to ultraviolet degradation and impact strength are critical, making it perfect for the Harvard design team’s outdoor garden display. The complexity of the design, an intricately carved garden wall that incorporated natural green moss into the hollows, required a material that was easy to fabricate. The design team was also attracted to Celtec’s post-industrial content.

In addition to the unique Surface Deep application, Vycom’s Celtec® Expanded PVC and Celtec® Ultra White® feature highly printable surfaces for sharp, bold display graphics. To learn more, visit