For many years, Vycom’s product lines have been known as leaders in their categories – manufacturers know that they can count on us for reliability and quality. But we never stop thinking ahead, trying to stay ready for every innovation.

An important development lately has been the surging demand for semiconductors, the computing chips used in everything from smart phones to vehicles to new “wired” TVs, vacuums, toothbrushes and the ever-expanding “internet of things.”

These tiny, usually unseen “chips” are the nerve center of a massive amount of tech manufacturing and commerce, and are being built into an ever-growing segment of the global economy.

Semiconductor makers are racing to keep up with demand, but semiconductors are delicate items, requiring sophisticated production in highly controlled “clean rooms,” and this is where Vycom comes in. Our Flametec line is a critical element of many of these high tech laboratories and assembly lines.

Flametec® Cleanroom PVC-C sheet material is designed to be the most economical choice in FM 4910 materials for use in the construction of wet benches, process tools, and cleanroom furniture and cabinetry.

But new semiconductor clean rooms and manufacturing stations, with equipment like wet benches, require a range of chemical and physical specifications. In some cases, fire retardation is paramount; other stations may need superior chemical resistance. Some areas call for heavy, stable pieces – others need light, pliable material.

Thanks to our continual investment in research and development, Vycom meets the needs of all of these disparate clients. The Flametec family now includes a total of 5 products. In addition to Cleanroom PVC-C, we offer CP-5, CP-7D, Thermax PVC, and PVDF.

A Vycom representative can help determine which FlameTec materials are most effective and cost efficient for your facility. We supply the biggest manufacturers with enough material to grow; we also proudly tailor solutions to small plants and unique developers.

Little things sometimes lead to big developments, and Vycom is proud to be in the middle of this tremendous growth in the semiconductor industry. What current innovations do you think will lead to new growth in the future?