Playground Safety Week ends this week, and the National Program for Playground Safety uses this time to focus on children’s outdoor play environments. Vycom Celebrates Playground Safety Week through our continued commitment to develop Playboard® materials for safer and longer-lasting playgrounds. Weather conditions cause traditional materials such as wood to splinter, which is a major injury hazard. Playboard’s high-density polyethylene material has excellent scratch resistance and exceptional durability, preventing splintering.

Playboard’s products allow for safer playground creation through its fabrication qualities. A major playground hazard is protruding bolts or hooks, which can cause items of clothing to get caught in equipment. Playboard materials can easily have rounded corners and smooth edges using basic tools. Therefore, designers and manufacturers can build safe play spaces without jutted or edged corners. Following the S.A.F.E.™ guidelines will ensure safe play.

One of Playground Safety Week’s goal is to thank the adults who work to maintain playgrounds. According to the CDC, playgrounds that are well maintained have fewer injury risks. Since Playboard doesn’t swell or rot due to outdoor elements, playgrounds built with Playboard require little to no maintenance, which is the ultimate thank you to people who work at playgrounds.  

Vycom celebrates Playground Safety Week by making playgrounds safer and longer lasting for children to enjoy for years to come.