When Loftwall, a Texas manufacturer in privacy partitions, chose Vycom’s Celtec® to assist them in creating a highly adaptive solution to celebrate an organization’s specific culture and style, a new era in office function and form emerged. Due to its extreme versatility and optimal density, Celtec is a perfect solution for partitions printed with customers branding, photo images, and cut-outs. The ultimate goal for Loftwall founder, Steve Kinders, is to think outside the cube, and Celtec allows him to do that.

“Celtec is the one we use most often because it’s cost-effective, attractive and provides so many options for color and design,” said Rose Gutierrez, brand ambassador for Loftwall.

If a company wants to reconfigure their office space periodically, Loftwall’s use of Celtec’s Expanded PVC adds to the benefit of these walls being completely modular. Additionally, “The material cuts and routes really well. People often think it’s steel or some type of metal because it has that clean aesthetic when installed,” said Gutierrez.

But Loftwall’s Celtec designs isn’t just for offices. Private homes and even waiting rooms can benefit from these state-of-the-art styles. Rady’s Children’s Hospital in San Diego selected Loftwall partitions with Celtec panels for the pediatric cardiac unit waiting area. The dividers were printed with vibrant underwater ocean views for a soothing and inviting environment.

Red, yellow, blue, black, white, gray, dark gray, and beige are the standard options Loftwall offers with Celtec. However, they can provide specific colors on special request.

Transforming private and public spaces isn’t a new concept, however there are new methods of design taking shape. As Loftwall and Celtec continue to grow in popularity, and technology, there’s no limit as to what can and will be accomplished, thus proving that when two innovative companies work together, beautiful things really do happen.

Source: signshop.com
Source: news.thomasnet.com