At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this January, technology, and electronics businesses were confident about the coming months. Although there was a cyclical dip in demand in the semiconductor manufacturing industry in 2019, analysts predict strong growth in 2020.

At CES, the experts from computer and technology companies discussed the coming expansion of the 5G market. They evaluated new trade regulations in international markets, noting the growing call to integrate chips with the programs and services they power, at the manufacturing stage. The Economist, reporting from CES, noted that “chips look like a good long-term bet. Underlying the booms and busts is a growth in demand that,” according to Mr. Penn, founder of Future Horizons, a chip-industry analysis firm stated, “has averaged 8% or so a year for 40 years.”

Among these and many other innovations, one thing remains the same: the need to quickly and reliably manufacture whatever is invented NEXT. Advanced computing chips are powerful, sophisticated…and tiny! They are futuristic, but they must be assembled much like any machine part. There is a critical need for very clean, smooth, and controlled cleanrooms and bright workspaces.

Vycom has been an integral partner to the semiconductor industry for many years, supplying the materials needed to build cleanrooms, workstations, and cabinetry. Our FlameTec® line is an industry favorite, thanks to its proven track record and our reliable service. We are now adding another bright spot to the semiconductor sector: Thermax XL.

Vycom’s newest Flametec PVC material promises to light up the next generation of cleanroom design. Thermax XL PVC sheet is bright white and high gloss on both sides offered in thicknesses ranging from 1/8” to 1.” It’s also incredibly easy to fabricate, offering weld rod coils in the same optimal white. Cleanrooms, furniture, and cabinetry are easy to fabricate and weld when rod and sheet use the same formulation!

The Economist, reviewing 40 years of electronics evolution at CES, commented that “the industry’s products have become millions of times more powerful in that period, while the world has grown hungrier for computing power.” Vycom is proud to be – literally! – part of the semiconductor industry’s continuing growth, with state-of-the-art PVC technology like our bright white Thermax XL.