Stephen Scharfstein

Our investment in a state-of-the-art, award winning RHO 1012 Durst printer allows us to print so much faster with quality that is remarkably close to offset printing. We have seen a 75% increase in volume with the combination of the Durst printer and Vycom’s Celtec Expanded PVC material, our preferred rigid substrate.

Steve and James Outland

We have found the aesthetics of Celtec, with its white matte color, nicely blends in with most boat finishes. They blend in so seamlessly with the boat’s deck they are difficult to notice. Celtec also has a highly printable surface so we offer vinyl graphics or even routed designs when requested.

Stephen Plays

We needed a material that would machine cleanly and that was lightweight and aerodynamic. It is also moisture resistant, so it won’t deteriorate and will keep its integrity within the board. Working with Celtec expanded PVC saves on the production costs of having to machine-mold the wedge. In a few simple steps, we cut the Celtec wedges on a band saw, plane them smooth and attach them to the top of the wood, below the foam grip. We then stamp it with Icon’s TruConcave patent logo.

Bill McGinty

This is one of the most material-sensitive industries that I am aware of. Because PVC-C meets fire-safe compliance standards, is machinable, relatively easy to fabricate, and stands up to punishing environments, these materials allow us to create an end product designed to keep the semiconductor process moving.

Dave Baccari

By using HDPE materials, our design options are endless and the material is low maintenance and easy to clean, standing up to the wear and tear of outdoor environments. As these outdoor living areas become larger and more elaborate, HDPE cabinetry has become a standout material in providing long-term durability with beautifully crafted looks.

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