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Sanatec® – Cutting Edge Food Processing Materials

Vycom’s Sanatec® family of food processing materials is designed for commercial & residential and direct & indirect food contact applications. From the production, equipment and processing to the final food preparation, Sanatec® is manufactured with attention to the highest quality and standards. Our cutting board materials are dishwasher safe, do not absorb moisture, bacteria or odors, and meet FDA, USDA, and NSF requirements. The material for food processing applications needs to meet the demands of its users and comply with industry standards.


Best Used For Cutting Board Material

When working with food, it is important that the cutting board is made of the highest quality material. It needs to be nonporous, can’t absorb moisture, bacteria or odors, can’t chip or peel and needs to be dishwasher safe. Our Sanatec® family has all of your sanitary bases covered in a wide range of vibrant colors, and as such the industry has recognized Sanatec® as the material to use.

Our specially designed textured finish ensures that the Sanatec® food processing material will have an optimized and maximum product life with minimal wear on knives. Even after continuous use, Sanatec® will not chip, peel, crack or splinter. Sanatec® is also ideal for freezer applications and can be used at low temperatures without any issues.

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