…And we keep pursuing it. The semiconductor manufacturing industry measures success by the micrometer, and there’s no margin for error.

Demand for semiconductors has grown, as our homes and businesses become more computer-driven and networked. New products have driven the need for new cleanrooms, wet benches, and the tools and systems that support high tech manufacturers. Working cleanrooms are being upgraded and improved, too. All of these installations and upgrades must be built to the exacting standards that high tech manufacturers demand.

As the semiconductor market has evolved, so has Vycom. In 1997, our CP7-D Polypropylene was the first FM4910 listed product on the market. In 1998, Flametec Cleanroom PVC-C was introduced as an economical choice for the construction of wet benches, process tools, and cleanroom furniture and cabinetry.

And now Flametec is proudly looking forward to the launch of Thermax XL PVC, a new and improved successor to our original Thermax, and the latest option in our constant pursuit of perfection.

Thermax XL PVC retains the key material benefits of Thermax, with exceptional ease of fabrication and installation. And it adds superior aesthetic qualities, including Bright White color and a glossy finish.

For more information about Flametec Thermax XL PVC, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. And let us know what’s happening in your business – at Vycom we’re serious about continuing to improve all of our product lines, because that’s what our customers deserve, as they work to perfect their own work.