Vycom’s Flametec® Video Series Provides Valuable Tips for Semiconductor Fabrication Pros

Scranton, PA –Vycom, a worldwide leader in Olefin and PVC materials for a variety of industries and applications has hit the mark with a new how-to video series for its Flametec® product family. The videos have been released every week since April 25th, on topics such as fabricating, welding and building wet benches and cabinetry with Flametec® material. The next video will offer tips on “Speed Welding with Flametec®” on YouTube.The videos can also be accessed on the Vycom website.

“Our tracking research is finding a high level of interest in our how-to video series for fabrication professionals,” said Chris Paas, Director of Sales and Marketing, Vycom. “Any fabricator working with fire-resistant materials can find value in our tips and techniques that help save time, labor and ensure a strong, durable welded joint.”

The video series was filmed using employees at The Activar Plastics Products Group in Minneapolis, which is comprised of Seelye-Eiler Plastics, Mid-America Plastics, LabAire Systems and Circuit Chemistry Equipment— divisions that manufacture equipment for the semiconductor, medical, cleanroom, aerospace, chemical/plating and electronics industries.

According to David Harvey, Supply Chain Director for Activar, Flametec® material’s easy workability and strength contribute to stronger welded joints, which in turn enhance integrated circuit chip production for their customers.

To learn more about the Flametec® Video Series, visit them on YouTube.