Vycom’s Celtec® Material Used As Festive Cupcake Trees For Easter, Showers and Weddings

Scranton, PA – Crown Plastics of Plymouth, MN, has created a lucrative business with multi-tiered cupcake and cake towers and trees for weddings and holidays. And, as an affordable, easy to clean option to acrylic, the company is building them out of Vycom’s Celtec® expanded PVC material, which has been used extensively in the printing industry for its durability and printable surface.

As the spring season heats up for the Easter holiday, bridal showers and weddings, these tiered serving platters become in high demand. “It started a few years ago when a bride requested a cupcake tree,” said Tom Van Beusekom, President/Owner of Crown Plastics. “We started to customize these beautiful expand-ed PVC towers and trees to display and serve food items.”

“Van Beusekom explained that Celtec® can be fabricated and precision laser-cut to allow treatments such as rounded shapes and scalloped edges. It also provides an easy to clean surface that is suitable for incidental food contact. “It’s a very cost effective option, since the lightweight nature of the product and ability to fold flat makes it less expensive to ship,” he said.

The versatility of cupcakes have made them a fun item at weddings and other events and the trees can also be used for other freestanding items like flowers, candies, champagne glasses and appetizers. They are available in four sizes of 3 – 6 tiers and hold 40 – 200 cupcakes, with an optional lazy Susan base. The Crystal Palace line has now expanded into cake pop stands as well, with holes for the pop sticks. Another new feature is an optional tree topper, which covers the top of the stand to display an 8 – 10-inch cake.

Available in various sizes for baby showers, holidays and other occasions, the mail order business now has its own Crown Plastics website at http://www.crystalpalacecupcaketree.com.