Display Company MDPF Finds Success with Vycom’s Celtec® for Mitsubishi TV Displays

MDPF is a POP display firm that designs, produces and fulfills custom point of purchase displays and fixtures. Located in San-ta Fe Springs, CA, for almost ten years, they are familiar with the demands of retail displays and the wear and tear they endure on a daily basis. At the same time, they must maintain an attractive look that complements but doesn’t overshadow the brands they showcase. Recently, MDPF had contracted with Mitsubishi to design a series of TV displays for the Aaron’s furniture and electronics leasing chain. Professional Plastics, a display material distributor, recommended Vycom’s Celtec®, an expanded PVC material.

“We had good results with Celtec® for other projects and chose the Black Celtec® because it complemented the Mitsubishi brand and has the ability to withstand abuse,” said Steve Powell of MDPF. “And, in the case of electronics, it has to look sleek and high tech.”

The Aaron’s project was designed to display three sizes of large TVs – 73”, 82” and 92” in four different layouts – triangular, U-shape, along a straight wall and the inside corner of the showroom.

“Celtec’s® durability was one of the main reasons we selected the material,” said Powell.

He said the second criteria for selection was its printability and MDPF’s past success with print and signage projects using the material.

Powell also mentioned the need for easy workability and assembly. “We found that Celtec® was ideal for building and assembling the displays,” he said. “I can’t think of any other material that would perform better. He said they typically use Celtec® in the 3mm and 6mm sizes in both black and white, mostly for indoor retail displays.

According to Powell, Mitsubishi’s reaction to this project was favorable. “They really like the durability of the material and the simplicity of the design,” he said. He added that based on positive customer feedback, MDPF will continue to use Celtec® for signage and displays. “It is very well-suited to a retail environment,” he said.<br>