David Edward Furniture Company Selects Seaboard™ HDPE to Assure Commercial Seating Has Long, Attractive Life

David Edward Furniture Company, a more than 50-year-old custom manufacturer of contract seating, is in the process of incorporating Vycom’s Seaboard™ HDPE into its entire product line as a cost-effective and durable coating for solid wood chair arms. The company chose to offer Seaboard as an option after successfully using it on a custom project.

“Our pieces take a lot of wear and tear and are frequently cleaned with strong disinfectants such as bleach, so clients often prefer the wood arms be coated with a protective material,” explains Tito Gonzalez, Red Lion Plant Manager/Quality Control for David Edward Furniture Company. “We found Seaboard easy to work with, cost effective and durable enough to stand up to bumps and scratching, as well as to cleaning chemicals.”

A medical center in Raleigh, North Carolina, contracted David Edward to produce six chairs. They wanted a substrate on the arms that would be robust enough to keep the seating looking good for a long time. They also specified it be polyethylene and less dense than the popular solid surface countertop material David Edward typically used. After researching options, prices and properties, David Edward chose to use 1/2-inch Seaboard in black to cap the wood arms.

As part of Vycom’s Seaboard line, the HDPE plastic marine, RV and outdoor material provides superior performance where water, UV exposure and other harsh elements are present. Unlike wood or metal alternatives, Seaboard HDPE will not rust, corrode, rot, delaminate or splinter. It also offers superior scratch resistance and stiffness.

Before using the product, David Edward conducted a test in which they exposed Seaboard to seven cleaners commonly used in commercial and residential settings, including bleach. The chemicals were sprayed on and wiped off immediately, as well as allowed to sit for 20 minutes before being removed.

“The Seaboard didn’t show any signs of discoloration, peeling or defect of any type in any of the tests,” says Gonzalez. “Because it’s that durable and also more affordable than other products we’d been using, Seaboard makes coated pieces appealing to clients who previously found them beyond the scope of their budget.”

In addition to the cleaning chemical tests, David Edward heated Seaboard and found it could conform and contour to different shapes, and also tested glue adhesion with good results.

“We have a huge product line, all of which can be customized, as well as sold individually. We’re looking forward to adding Seaboard as an option for attractive, durable arm coatings throughout the whole line,” says Gonzalez.

Learn more about Seaboard on Vycom’s website at www.vycomplastics.com.

David Edward is a 100% made in the U.S.A. brand. More information is on their website: http://www.davidedward.com/.