Custom Manufacturer Relies on Vycom’s PROTEC™ PP and Vintec I® For Consistent Quality in Environmental Control and Containment Equipment

Chemical Systems Services, Inc. (CSSI) based in Attleboro, MA, is a leading custom designer and manufacturer of plastic environmental control and containment equipment. The company relies on Vycom’s PROTEC™ PP and Vintec I® PVC to achieve consistent color and quality across their product line—and across time. CSSI uses the PROTEC in Natural and White, and the Vintec in gray.

“We use one or the other on everything we produce—so much so we consistently stock large quantities of each,” says Mounir Mazzawi, president of CSSI. “In the case of polypropylene, we carry PROTEC exclusively because it doesn’t make sense to carry two or three brands when the one that suits our needs is so close in price to the others.”

The company specializes in the fabrication of corrosion-resistant items using thermoplastic materials. Vycom’s PROTEC and Vintec are used in casework, laboratory fume hoods, corrosion-resistant plastic tanks and sinks, chemical containment tanks, evaporators, polypropylene cabinets, and containment trays, among other products.

To produce the pieces, CSSI uses a range of tools from lathes and routers to bending machines and three types of welders. Both Vycom materials are easy to work with and hold up well to heating and cutting. “The pigments and colors stay consistent and the material stays smooth even after heating,” notes Mazzawi.

Both PROTEC and Vintec are chemical and corrosion-resistant and have a high strength-to-weight ratio that makes them easy to fabricate and weld.

CSSI also uses gray pipe fittings from another manufacturer and needs the colors of the pipe and flat stock to match as closely as possible. “The Vintec matches the duct pipe better than other manufacturers so we use it to achieve good color consistency,” Mazzawi explains.

This is especially important for cabinets, hoods, and other casework where clients expect high-quality finishes and aesthetics–not just the first time, but when they order additional products a year or more down the road. For these, CSSI uses PROTEC in White because it is a bright white that is consistently flat and free of imperfections.

“Vycom’s consistency in both quality and color means we can match a product we previously provided to a client,” says Mazzawi. “As they add to their labs and cleanrooms, they don’t have to worry that pieces purchased at different times will be different shades of white.”

CSSI serves industrial manufacturing, research laboratories, institutions of higher education, and environmental and HVAC contractors across the United States. More information about the company is available online: