CJI Process Systems, Inc. Selects Vycom PVC Materials As Quality Yet Cost-Effective Option

CJI Process Systems of Santa Fe Springs, California, designs, fabricates and installs special equipment for clients in a variety of industries, and across a wide spectrum of applications. The company chooses several of Vycom’s products, including white and natural polypropylene, PVDF, CPVC and type 1 PVC, to manufacture tanks and other components within the process systems line.

“Many of the products we manufacture have to be able to resist the wide variety of chemicals used throughout our clients’ industries. We use Vycom’s products because they are a quality material that stands up to a range of chemicals,” says Gary S. Pilibosian, CJI Process Systems. “We also appreciate that those products come with strong service, support and timely delivery.”

CJI provides turnkey solutions for clients in the aerospace, industrial, computing, renewable energy, oil and gas, and automotive, industries, among others. The Vycom material is provided by Harker & Associates, Inc., of San Jose, California. CJI uses it to manufacture custom tanks that are used on process equipment lines, in the surface preparation, washing, plating, cleaning and coating processes. Vycom materials are also used in the manufacture of components such as containment pans, drip pans, enclosures, or parts of exhaust systems.

“We design custom systems that meet our clients’ parameters,” explains Pilbosian. “We appreciate that we have a variety of material options from Vycom that will meet the specifications of many projects, while being reliable and cost-effective.”

Established in 1985, CJI Process Systems Incorporated is a privately held California corporation and an international leader in process systems fabrication. More information is available on its website: www.cjiprocesssystems.com.

Learn more about Vycom’s polypropylene products on its website at www.vycomplastics.com.