Chemical Safety Technologies, Inc. (CSTI) Selects Vycom’s Thermax® for International Semiconductor Equipment

Chemical Safety Technologies, Inc, (CSTI), a global leader in the design and manufacture of chemical dispense systems and process benches, has selected Vycom’s Thermax® PVC material for wet bench equipment for the European semiconductor industry.  Thermax® is the latest addition to Vycom’s Flametec® family of cleanroom products. “We are using Thermax® for the main enclosures of two process benches that will be installed in a class 100 cleanroom environment,” said Lincoln Bejan, CSTI President & CEO.  He noted that many of the support structures and brackets will also be manufactured with the material.   “A big advantage of Thermax® is that it meets FM 4910 cleanroom criteria for fire and smoke propagation, yet it’s lighter weight compared to existing FM 4910 materials is a plus for handling during manufacturing phase and reducing shipping costs to world wide destinations.

The Factory Mutual 4910 standards are designed to reduce threats to worker safety and damage to semiconductor wafers used in electronics manufacturing.   In addition to FM4910, Flametec® Thermax® PVC also meets UL-94 V-0, ASTM E-84 and is RoHS and REACH compliant.

The new material was introduced to CSTI by Ken Coleman of Professional Plastics, one of the largest plastics distributors on the West Coast. “Flametec® Thermax® provides a flame-retardant PVC solution with excellent workability and superior aesthetics,” said Coleman.  He said it has optimal mechanical properties at service temperatures up to 170 degrees F, high chemical resistance and heat deflection surpassing that of standard PVC.

“Our technicians working with Thermax® had no issues,” added Bejan.  “The material cuts very nicely, has thickness uniformity and a smooth surface finish that makes thermo forming and welding very manageable.   It also has a bright white color for a clean look.” He noted that the material is subjected to a variety of chemicals and a strong and reliable bond on the welds and a leak tight enclosure is a must for the safety of the employees and to safe guard of the facility and environment.

“Our customers rely on our materials expertise,” he added.  “Based on our first experience with Thermax®, I would recommend it on a regular basis.”