B&D Plastics Fabricates Chemical-resistant Vessel with Vycoms Corrtec Corzan Used in Dual-laminate Technology

B&D Plastics LLC, a leader in the design of fiberglass process equipment based in Ocean Spring, MS, recently fabricated a vessel needed for scrubbing and treating waste gas streams and coal degasification with Vycom’s Corrtec Corzan Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride (CPVC) material. Used in a dual-laminate process as a lining, it was chosen for its operability and ability to economically handle extremely high temperatures and corrosives at a low cost.

“CPVC is a very cost-effective solution to many corrosion issues compared to other plastic materials used in dual laminates,” says Tom Reeves, plant manager of B&D. “Most of our work with CPVC is within the chemicals and chlor-alkali industries due to the stringent environmental demands. Compared to other materials, these new high-performance linings are paving the way to the future with long-term reliability, reduced maintenance, and peace of mind that isn’t easily offered with traditional metal technologies.”

Corrtec Corzan CPVC can be combined with fiber reinforced plastics (FRP) to yield a vessel that is both structurally sound and corrosion resistance. It is ideal for combatting the harsh ambient conditions faced during the manufacture, store, and transport of highly-demanding microelectronics, pharmaceutical, waste treatment, and industrial product materials.

In addition, the advanced compounding technology used to create Corrtec Corzan CPVC provides a stronger solution with the thermoplastic chemical resistance liner and the fiberglass structural shell than is possible with lined metal alloys. Another benefit is offered through the similar thermal expansion coefficient of the fiber reinforced plastics (FRP) and Corrtec Corzan CPVC liner, which ensures a stable, durable bond and longer life with lower maintenance when compared to products lined with steel or tile.

Available in thicknesses ranging from 1/8” to 3” and either extruded or compression molded, Corrtec Corzan CPVC sheets can readily be overwrapped with FRP, if necessary, while not requiring fabric-backing to achieve proper adhesion between the two materials.

For more information on Vycom’s Corrtec Corzan CPVCtechnology please visit www.vycomplastics.com or call 800-235-8320.