At Wurm’s Woodworking Company Employees + Technology = Quality Products

Thanks to a diversified customer base, Wurm’s Woodworking Company (WWC) takes advantage of its ability to work in wood as well as plastics to produce product lines that meet a multitude of needs. Founded as a construction company and lumber yard 70 years ago, the company has transformed itself into a fabricator of a variety of component-driven OEM projects.

“WWC currently uses Seaboard HDPE and Celtec Expanded PVC,” said Valerie Sanderson, a third-generation WWC employee and co-owner of the company. “These Vycom products are very consistent in thickness, gauge and color which is very important to us.”

Expanded PVC foam sheeting is an essential element to WWC’s class 8 truck applications. WWC transforms Celtec sheet into an interior sleeper cab drawer assembly by CNC machining three living joints, which create sharp corners that can be closed to a 90-degree angle. WWC then incorporates a bottom cut from Ultrafoil white one side MDF panel.

HDPE sheet is vital to WWC’s recreational transportation customers. Marine and golf cart applications require materials that have no moisture absorption. HDPE parts do not rust, corrode, rot, delaminate or splinter.  WWC converts Seaboard into marine use products such as outdoor cabinetry, access doors, hatches and covers, fishing rod holders and golf cart rear flip seat assemblies.

“We selected Vycom for our transportation product line customers because they expect a cost-effective, durable, easy to maintain product of the highest quality standard,” Sanderson said.

Located in New Washington, Ohio, WWC primarily serves a regional, ten-state customer base. Much of its business is from long-term customers with repeat production. But, WWC also bids on one-time job specifications and is frequently referred by word-of mouth from satisfied clients.

WWC’s capabilities are not limited to flat wood and plastic parts, its thermoforming operation uses heat and vacuum to mold items from pre-colored and textured ABS, TPO, PE, styrene and vinyl upholstery to a 3D shape of a mold. WWC also membrane presses parts using the thermo-lamination process to wrap foil over MDF profiles, eliminating the need for a separate edge treatment.

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