Thermax XL PVC – FM4910 Listed

Flametec® Thermax XL is a fire-resistant PVC sheet that meets FM4910 criteria and is ideal for various applications in demanding industrial, semiconductor and cleanroom environments. A member of the Flametec line of products, Thermax XL PVC is the next generation of Thermax material, now with a brighter white color and high gloss finish for outstanding aesthetics and ease of fabrication.

Compliance for Demanding
Manufacturing Environments

Thermax XL PVC is FM4910 compliant, certifying the material passes the Factory Mutual test for fire propagation and smoke development, which can limit the damage caused by fires. Also, Thermax XL meets UL 94 V0 and 5VA criteria, and is REACH and RoHS compliant, making it a good fit for projects in the semiconductor industry or cleanroom environments, and for any application where materials need to provide great resistance to flame and smoke development.

In addition to its high-gloss and smooth surface finish, Thermax XL is easy to fabricate – its welding rod uses the same formulation as the sheet material – saving time for quicker project turnaround. It is chemical and corrosion-resistant, and also resists particle adhesion.

Partnering with Port Plastics

Port Plastics, a leading national supplier of engineered plastics, is at the forefront of cutting-edge technology and brings its expertise to its customers in the form of new, enhanced performance materials like Thermax XL PVC. Whether it is for wet benches, process tools, furniture or cabinetry, Thermax XL PVC provides a PVC solution with high workability delivering a bright white surface with outstanding aesthetics.

Port Plastics has been supplying Thermax XL PVC sheets to companies that create specialized machine parts, delivery systems, and highly engineered process tools for the semiconductor, cleanroom, and other industries. “Our fabrication customers find Thermax XL easier to weld than other FM4910 listed materials,” said Patti Robison, General Manager at Port Plastics in Phoenix, AZ. “Thermax XL has a high-gloss bright white aesthetically pleasing surface. Those benefits combined with its affordability make it a great choice for our customers in the fabrication and semiconductor industries.”

Port Plastics and Vycom understand that both companies have substantial market know-how, systems, and brand alignment to create a partnership that has enabled them to create a true synergy to better serve existing customers and develop relationships with new ones. For inquires in the Arizona area, please contact Patti Robison, General Manager at Port Plastics in Phoenix.

Thermax XL Sheets are Recyclable

Thermax XL sheets can be reclaimed through Vycom’s industry-leading recycling program that captures and recycles printed and unprinted PVC and acrylic sheets, as well as scraps and drops from finishing and fabricating. The program is intended for users of PVC, acrylic and PE products – in coordination with authorized distributors for drop-off or collection – to recycle used material, which is returned to company-owned recycling facilities and used to internally manufacture residential and commercial products, ensuring these materials do not end up in landfills.

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Condit Finds Value in Vycom PVC Recycling Program

Condit has a rich and storied history in the world of exhibit fabrication, reaching back to 1945. The company offers a full range of design and fabrication services, and rental exhibit services, from its headquarters in Denver and satellite location in Chicago.

Among the various materials used to produce custom tradeshow exhibits, the company uses PVC and acrylics in a wide variety of applications such as three-dimensional graphics letters and logos, infill panels for its rental wall systems, display cases, and decorative finishes. Using a UV flatbed printer, the fabrication team also prints to full four- by eight-foot PVC sheets, as well as adds printed vinyl laminate graphics depending on the project.

Uniquely aware of the inherent waste in the trade show industry, the company began a journey nearly 20 years ago to innovate environmentally friendly solutions for its clients and partners. Offering a menu of green materials and practices, and improving material disposal practices are two examples that have been successful for Condit and its clients. One sustainability metric, however, was elusive:  the feasibility of recycling PVC and acrylics used in their rental exhibit properties.

A great deal of Condit’s rental wall panel system and signage graphics utilize PVC or acrylic infills. They are either direct-UV printed and/or have Velcro and adhesive printed vinyl laminate applied, which makes them very difficult to recycle. “Once the rental property is returned, removing the Velcro is a labor-intensive operation that is cost-prohibitive for us and our customers,” said Donnie MacDonald, Vice President of Operations. “Plastic-based panels with remaining Velcro strips or adhesives went straight to a landfill, as we really had no other option.”

MacDonald learned about Vycom’s novel PVC Recycling Program while consulting with Mike Sherrod, Market Development Manager, Graphics and Sustainability. In this model, Vycom will take back and recycle printed and unprinted PVC sheets, as well as scraps and drops from finishing and fabricating. “The key part of the program is that Vycom accepts the PVC and acrylic sheets with Velcro, and takes care of removing it at their facilities,” said MacDonald. “Vycom’s innovative process allows us to recycle all panels without peeling old graphics, Velcro, etc., before disposal. In addition to greater recycling efficiency, this also allows for a larger percentage of acrylics and PVC to be recycled.”

Condit started utilizing the Vycom PVC Recycling Program in late 2021 beginning with training programs for team members to better understand the recycling pipeline for PVC. It has also placed several custom recycling bins around its manufacturing floor and warehouse to accommodate these specialized materials. Condit produces approximately 40,000 square feet of direct-to-rigid material prints, and about the same amount of applied vinyl prints per year. In less than a year using the program, the company has collected approximately 35 gaylords (equivalent to one-and-a-half 53-foot tractor trailers) of mostly PVC materials.

In addition to a reduction in dumpster fees, the ability to solve this long-time problem has the entire team feeling enthusiastic. “We are most happy to see the materials being reused and repurposed into something useful instead of headed to a landfill,” said MacDonald. “Everyone is very receptive to this new direction, and it adds no extra labor. Everyone – our customers included – is generally amazed that we can supply materials with graphics and Velcro still attached since that has been impossible in the past and we were forced to dispose of them in a landfill. It brings value to our clients, making us more favorable to work with, and giving us a competitive advantage.”

Piedmont Plastics PVC Scrap for Recycling

Piedmont Plastics Helps its Customers Stay Green with the Vycom PVC Recycling Program

Piedmont Plastics Knoxville Exterior

Piedmont Plastics is one of the nation’s largest wholesale distributors of plastic sheet, rod, tube, and film products, as well as custom fabrication services for finished and semi-finished parts. Since its founding in 1968, the company has grown its network with more than 50 branch distribution centers located throughout North America. The company recognizes that plastics provide lightweight alternatives to glass, metal, and wood across a variety of applications and industries, delivering solutions that are more viable while reducing environmental impact. Understanding the need for a more sustainable environment, Piedmont Plastics began offering customized recycling programs in 2014, which enabled them to continue the company’s long-term commitments to cost savings, sustainability, and its customers.


The Knoxville (TN) branch office and warehouse facility is more than 36,000 square feet and employs 14 specialists to help customers in the marine, automotive, signage, medical, aerospace, and more industries with their plastics needs. Along with its own scrap, this location accepts approved recyclable material and had been using a third-party recycle wholesaler for disposition. However, the continued challenge of keeping plastics out of landfills exacerbated by global commerce changes such as the embargo on plastic scrap imports by China and Malaysia, sent branch manager Ryan Champy, looking for alternatives.

Piedmont Plastics PVC Scrap for Recycling

“We had a visit from Matt Brunner, our Vycom territory representative, who told us about a new recycling program that Vycom was starting,” said Champy. He also liked the idea of knowing exactly where the PVC would end up, as it requires specialized knowledge of sorting and reprocessing by proficient recyclers. “The distinction of the Vycom program was that the PVC scrap would be used to manufacture deck products made by its affiliate companies, which meant we could be confident the scrap wouldn’t go into landfills anywhere,” Champy remarked.


The Knoxville branch implemented the Vycom PVC Recycling Program in early 2020, targeting one of its large marine manufacturing clients that also shares the company’s value of making strides in the field of sustainability. “This program is a great example of partnership with this particular client because they understand their role and they do a great job of sorting materials, which is an added step that some clients are reluctant to implement,” said Champy. “This manufacturer also promotes its participation in the program to endorse its commitment to our common goal of helping the environment.”

The Knoxville branch collects anywhere between 5000-7000 pounds of PVC scrap each week from this client, returning to them empty gaylords for the next round. Every 4-6 weeks, Return Polymers – a sister organization within The AZEK Company and a leader in PVC recycling and compounding – picks up a full 40-foot foot trailer loaded with 25,000-30,000 pounds of material and processes the recovered scrap PVC for distribution to various entities within The AZEK Company to manufacture long-lasting performance products.


“We’ve been running recycling programs for about seven years now, and the Vycom PVC Recycling Program is by far the best I’ve ever seen,” said Champy. “This program helps us tie the knot with our client. We provide the sheet product; our client doesn’t have to throw it in a landfill or pay dumpster cost and they, in turn, tell their customers that they’ll take the material back and return it to the manufacturer for recycling. They’re showing their commitment to sustainability to their customers through this program.”


About the Vycom PVC Recycling Program

The Vycom PVC Recycling Program is designed to take back and recycle printed and unprinted PVC sheets, as well as scraps and drops from finishing and fabricating. The program is intended for users of PVC, acrylic and olefin products – in coordination with authorized distributors for drop-off or collection – to recycle used signage and scrap.  These materials are then returned to company recycling facilities and used to manufacture the company’s building and other performance products, ensuring this scrap is diverted from landfills.

Vycom and JH Plastics Donates Seaboard® to Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial in Jim Thorpe, PA, as Low-Maintenance Solution for New “Fallen Soldier” Sculpture

Fallen Soldier sculpture created with Vycom Seaboard

Vycom and distributor JH Plastics, LLC, of Allentown, PA, have donated Seaboard (TM) to the town of Jim Thorpe, PA, for its new “Fallen Soldier” sculpture at the town’s Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial. The use of Seaboard® will ensure that the sculpture will be low-maintenance and withstand the elements long-term. After volunteers in Jim Thorpe made much-needed repairs to the Memorial last fall, they decided to further enhance the site with the new silhouetted sculpture and a granite bench this year.

Jim Thorpe resident Jerry Kmetz led a two-year fundraising campaign and, with a small team of volunteers, was able to create a new, 3 X 8 ft. space which Kmetz thought would be well-suited to a granite bench and a sculpted silhouette of a soldier kneeling before the “battlefield cross,” a monument to deceased military that is made up of the soldier’s rifle stuck into the ground between his or her boots with the helmet placed on top.

Kmetz originally anticipated having ¼-inch thick metal machined into the silhouette design. However, while picking up material for another project at JH Plastics, he was introduced to Seaboard HDPE as a better option. Both Vycom and JH Plastics then donated the material for the project.

Fallen Soldier sculpture created with Vycom Seaboard

“Seaboard HDPE was the perfect alternative to metal because it’s lighter weight and won’t need to be periodically sanded or painted as metal would,” explains Kmetz. “Seaboard also provides greater dimension as a sculpture piece because of its one-inch thick profile.”

As part of Vycom’s Seaboard line, the HDPE plastic marine, RV and outdoor material provides superior performance where water, UV exposure and other harsh elements are present. Unlike wood or metal alternatives, Seaboard HDPE will not rust, corrode, rot, delaminate or splinter. It also offers superior scratch resistance and stiffness.

“We are frequently asked to recommend materials for a wide range of applications as well as provide some very unique fabrication projects,” explains Jim Heacock of JH Plastics, which offers distribution and fabrication services. “Due to the outdoor exposure, the best material choice for this application is Seaboard, with its moisture and UV resistance and attractive matte finish,” he said. “Many of our jobs involve plastic welding and we find Seaboard HDPE one of the most user-friendly materials on the market.”

Fallen Soldier sculpture created with Vycom Seaboard

Heacock coordinated with Duane Brown of Lehigh Valley Plastics to provide the CNC profile cutting of the panel, which was also donated to the project. Matt Somerfield of MTS Ventures, LLC, helped with CAD drawing files.

JH Plastics is also providing and installing a support mounting system into the profile of the sculpture so it remains straight when it’s installed. The silhouette and bench will be the last elements in the restoration of the memorial site. Volunteers have already replaced broken concrete and an old wooden fence, repainted flag poles and landscaped the area.

“This type of application is a first for us with the Seaboard material,” added Heacock. “We are proud we can be a part of helping to honor veterans with a memorial that will endure the elements for many years to come.”

CIP Retail Reduces Environmental Impact with Vycom PVC Recycling Program

CIP Retail is a world leader in supermarket design, retail design and décor fabrication that serves independent and chain retailers to provide customized solutions that connect with their clientele. At its plant just outside of Cincinnati, OH, the company runs an extensive design, project management, engineering and fabrication operation, including digital printing and routing processes to create bespoke visual display experiences. The company operates wide-format digital printers, cutters and routers over two shifts, using a variety of substrates including Celtec® expanded PVC sheets.

Being “Aware of the World” is a core value of CIP Retail and it strives to utilize materials and processes that minimize the company’s footprint and conserve resources. Keeping true to this value presented a conundrum:  as a considerable user of PVC and other plastics, how could it also reduce its environmental impact? The company had amassed a significant quantity of PVC scrap over the years as it searched for a solution to prevent it from going to a landfill.

During a visit by Vycom representatives to CIP Retail in late 2019, the company’s management learned about the recently announced Vycom PVC Recycling Program where printed and unprinted PVC sheets as well as scraps and drops from finishing and fabricating are recovered and recycled. Through subsequent meetings with Matt Brunner, Territory Manager at Vycom and supported by Laird Plastics in Dayton, OH, a plan was quickly developed and implemented to recover all the PVC scrap and transport it to Return Polymers, a sister organization within The AZEK Company and a leader in PVC recycling and compounding.

CIP Retail generates approximately one trailer load (a combination of 20 gaylords and pallets) of PVC scrap every month, which is now regularly transported to Return Polymers for recycling. The recovered scrap PVC is processed and distributed to various entities within The AZEK Company to manufacture long-lasting performance products. Empty gaylords are returned to CIP Retail to start the process over again, and there is no cost to CIP Retail for this program.

According to Jeff Miller, Director of Purchasing at CIP Retail, the value in the recycling program has many benefits. “With the Vycom Recycling Program, we’ve realized forty percent fewer dumpster hauls, reducing our financial obligation for this service,” said Miller. “Additionally, it’s led to a much cleaner workflow in our fabrication area.”

Most importantly, the waste is being diverted from landfills enabling the company to continue to be good stewards of the environment. “We’re setting a good example that is appreciated by our clients, our employees and our community,” said Miller.

Vycom Vintec® Clear PVC sheets ensure Strandz salon is ready for business

Kelly D’Anna is the owner of Strandz in Newington CT, a full-service hair salon that can accommodate eight stylists at independent stations while sharing two shampoo stations. Like most small businesses, she saw everything come to a screeching halt during the COVID-19 pandemic. When word came that Reopen Connecticut plans were underway, she reviewed the list of requirements for new physical space setup, personal protection protocols, additional cleaning, and operator training.

The more challenging aspect was implementing the new physical space setup requirements, which require six feet of distance with physical barriers in place, where possible. With fixed stations for stylists at less than 6 feet apart plus the shampoo stations roughly three feet apart, she needed to find a way to create separation without isolation. D’Anna worked with her local fabricator who recommended Vintec® Clear PVC sheets from Vycom because of its excellent chemical resistance to common cleaners and disinfectants. Designed for industrial applications, Vintec Clear can withstand the multiple daily cleanings required by the new guidelines without clouding or scratching.

With only a two-week window to prepare for the initial reopening date, the fabricator was able to acquire the material quickly. Vycom had immediate availability of Vintec Clear as the company was operating as an essential business providing materials to create barriers, partitions, and furniture for temporary and semi-permanent field hospitals and other builds. Vintec Clear in standard 4-foot by 8-foot sheets (3/16” thickness) was acquired and easily fabricated using basic tools including a circular saw, drill, and a deburring tool. The panels were cut to 4-foot square pieces, small holes were drilled at the top edge of the panels and they were hung throughout the salon using steel chains and S-hooks. “The whole installation process took us under two hours,” said D’Anna. “We have panels in the reception area, at the check-out desk, between the stylist stations, and between the shampoo stations. It was a simple installation, but the result is stunning.”

“I like that even though each station is protected, I can still see the entire salon,” continued D’Anna. “While I can see through the panels, the slight blue tint means that anyone in the salon intuitively knows where the panels are, and won’t accidentally bump into one. Our customers also like the additional privacy afforded by the panels.”

The panels are easily cleaned with the same solution used on all other hard surfaces in the salon. Vintec Clear is designed to be chemical-resistant and can withstand repeated contact with cleaning solutions that might scratch or degrade other plastic surfaces. Another benefit is the density of Vintec Clear — for a comparably thick sheet, it’s heavier than commonly-used acrylic products which means the panels won’t sway when blow dryers are in use.

“Our stylists are very pleased with the way it looks:  clean and professional,” said D’Anna. “Our customers are appreciative as well. Before they even enter the salon, they can see the barriers and be confident that we’re doing all we can to keep everyone safe.”

Veteran Wood turns to TimberLine for outdoor monument sign application

Veteran Wood Co. (Parsippany, NJ) is an independent sign crafting shop with an owner, Mike Legregni, who has a passion for fabrication and creativity. His enthusiasm for building started at a young age, when his father taught him how to build skateboard ramps and tree houses, repair bicycles, and tinker with practically anything that included nuts and bolts. During his teen years, his attention changed to cars, and his mechanical knowledge would serve him well when he joined the U.S. Marine Corps where he maintained EA-6B Prowler aircrafts. After retirement following a career in law enforcement, Legregni now has the time to devote to what he loves to do best:  create, with an eye for detail using only the best quality materials and the right tools for the job.

Being a creator, Legregni has amassed tools and knowledge, and in May 2019 put both resources to good use after seeing artwork made with reclaimed wood. He fabricated a rustic flag made out of similar materials and posted his fine work on social media. He was contacted by interested parties — mostly in the law enforcement community — to craft custom wall hangings. Veteran Wood Co. was born; his business took off and he started exhibiting at local craft fairs.

It was at one of these fairs in August 2019 when Legregni was approached by a local law firm that wanted to replace its outdoor monument sign. “I met Mike at a local event and asked if he could make us a new sign, but with the New Jersey weather, Mike advised us it couldn’t be made of wood,” said Sam Tsinman of Forman, Cardonsky & Tsinman, LLC. “I asked if he could make us a sign that had the look of wood, but was more durable. He said he’d find a solution.”

Legregni started an internet search but couldn’t find a product that offered an authentic-looking woodgrain surface on both sides, and was also durable. He contacted his representative at his local distributor, E&T Plastics, who mentioned a new material that could exactly fit the bill:  TimberLine® HDPE sheets from Vycom. “The law firm wanted a brown wood look with black lettering, without the problems wood develops over time,” said Legregni. “Solution:  Vycom products.”

After examining a sample – and understanding it was a product from a subsidiary of The AZEK Company, a reputable brand known for producing quality materials – he ordered a Teak sheet trimmed to the sign specifications of 70 inches wide by 48 inches tall. The woodgrain texture and TimberLine’s natural and unique streaking variation make it remarkably realistic and clearly visible at a distance, so outdoor applications will always look just as good as on day one.

The identity lettering was cut from black Vycom Celtec PVC sheets using his CNC router, and attached to the TimberLine sheet using standard woodworking tools including adhesive to position the letters, then wood screws that were countersunk into the substrate. Once affixed, the screw holes were filled with plugs cut from Celtec® PVC using the CNC router, and secured with adhesive to provide the quality fit and finish that is a hallmark of his work. Both sides of the sheet were decorated with the law firm’s name and telephone number.

The next step was finding the supports to install the sign. Another round of sleuthing on the internet brought him to Decks Direct, where he selected TimberTech® posts and caps in classic black. TimberTech is another brand in the The AZEK Company, which helped seal the deal for this quality-driven company. “A friend has a deck made of TimberTech and I have AZEK® PVC trim on my house, so I know these are top-notch products that can withstand harsh environments,” said Legregni. The posts were easy to assemble and offer a sleek, appealing frame for the monument sign, which was installed in late 2019. “The sign is fantastic, and we won’t have to worry about maintenance,” said Tsinman.

While wood is the primary medium for Veteran Wood Co.’s creative outlet, Legregni has began working with HDU and Plastics, and says he will definitely consider using Timberline when warranted by future applications. “All the elements of the sign are made by Vycom or its affiliates, and I know this group produces quality products,” said Legregni. “From the TimberLine face to the Celtec lettering to the TimberTech posts and caps, the sign will stand the test of time.”

Modular Divider Manufacturer Uses Vycom’s Celtec® Expanded PVC for Multiple Color, Cut-out and Printed Options

Loftwall, located in Dallas, Texas, provides modular divider solutions for office and residential spaces. Their versatile systems are a more attractive, modern way to divide a space than conventional cubicle walls. Customers choose from a variety of ¼-inch thick substrates as panels set within sleek aluminum frames. One of Loftwall’s more cost-effective and attractive panel options is Vycom’s Celtec® expanded PVC sheet material. Celtec performs well as a printing substrate and holds up well when cut our routed, so Loftwall uses it for dividers that are printed with customers’ branding or photo images, or with the company’s unique webbed cut-out design.

Celtec was designed for use in a large range of projects, including point of purchase displays, signage, art, storage, store fixtures, exhibits/kiosks, dimensional lettering and display boards. The lightweight material is easy to fabricate, paint and laminate. The smaller cell structure of Celtec Expanded PVC’s optimal density provides for edge finishing and superior screw and staple retention make it easy to work with.

“Celtec is a quality panel solution for customers who want to brand their space, whether by incorporating their company colors throughout it or by displaying a logo or motto,” says Rose Gutierrez, brand ambassador for Loftwall.

In 2014, Loftwall developed a pattern called the Web Wall, fashioned after the Beijing Olympic Stadium with its nest of layers. For this design, Celtec is CNC routed. “The material cuts and routes really well. People think it’s metal or steel because it has that clean aesthetic when installed,” says Gutierrez.

One of the key benefits of the Loftwall systems is that it is completely modular. If a company needs to rearrange a space, or move to a new location altogether, the units can simply be reconfigured.

“The Celtec option is one of our most versatile because customers can change images or color schemes fairly easily by just ordering new panels,” says Gutierrez.

Loftwall offers Celtec in red, yellow, blue, black, white, gray, dark gray and beige as standard options. They can also provide other colors on special request.

“Celtec is the one we use most often, though, because it’s cost-effective, attractive and provides so many options for color and design,” Gutierrez notes.


New Vycom Celtec® Woodgrain Enables Marketing Company to Provide Client with Rustic Look, Modern Durability

Think Patented put down roots in Miamisburg, Ohio, as a traditional printing company but has since grown to a full-scale marketing execution company that provides a wide range of services. They recently added the new Vycom’s Celtec® Woodgrain expanded PVC material to their product lineup to meet a customer’s need for a rustic, yet easy to clean, durable sign.

“To grow our business, we can’t just put ink on paper anymore. We need to add value for the client and that means having an entire host of tools under one roof,” explains David McNerney, vice president of sales and marketing for Think Patented. “Celtec has always been a reliable substrate for us, and we’re pleased that the new Woodgrain carries the same dependability and features.”

As a frequent printing solutions services resource for Vycom, Think Patented was the natural choice when the company wanted to test how Celtec Woodgrain would perform as a printing substrate. “They were looking in particular at whether it would enhance the look of a photo printed on it,” says McNerney. Vycom provided them with various images of scenery and Think Patented printed them on 8 X 8-inch samples of Celtec Woodgrain using UV ink.

“From our perspective as professional printers, whenever we use textured material it can really add depth or effect to the piece,” notes McNerney. “The Celtec material was no exception. The ink adhered well, the images looked great and we had no issues with it.”

As the successful printing tests were wrapping up, Jason Schultz, director of strategic accounts at Think Patented, approached McNerney with a new customer challenge: The World Equestrian Center (WEC) wanted an indoor sign that looked like aged, rustic wood. Because it would be located adjacent to riding facilities where horses regularly clomped through the area, the sign needed to be durable and easy to clean. Celtec Woodgrain was selected as the perfect solution.

WEC provided images of wood in the color and style they liked, as well as the look of aged tin that would be printed on another substrate and attached to the Celtec substrate. Think Patented ran a quarter-scale proof of the concept and, as they expected, found the textured substrate brought depth and authenticity to the image of the aged wood.

“It created a very realistic aged-wood look the client loved. We were also able to attach the other substrate to the Celtec using a simple liquid adhesive and they were bonded together very soundly,” says Schultz.

He notes they also achieved the authentic wood sign look by routing the edges of the 1-inch Celtec on a flatbed cutter to create beveled edges. They painted the edges to match the color of the wood image using a standard wall paint.  The entire sign was affixed to the façade of a chapel that resides inside the equestrian center using six, three-inch screws. “The first time the client saw the whole piece completed was when we installed it. They were absolutely blown away,” Schultz adds. “From where it hangs roughly eight feet up, you can’t even tell it’s not real wood.”

McNerney sees many opportunities to use the new Celtec Woodgrain for their clients, whether the end result is a wood-look product or just an image with more depth and texture than flat substrates offer. “This new material continues to meet our expectations for Celtec and allowed us to differentiate ourselves in delivering a solution to our client,” he says.

Celtec® comes in a wide range of thicknesses and in a full line of standard colors, with custom colors available upon request. To learn more about Celtec, visit the Vycom website at

DeSavino & Sons Chooses Vycom HDPE Materials for Their Open Air Cabinetry Line of Outdoor & Commercial Cabinet Solutions

DeSavino and Sons of Olyphant, Pennsylvania, was contracted to design custom cabinet, table and lab casework solutions for the AZEK Company’s Scranton, Pennsylvania location. Having already finished the training room and lab, as well as a custom coffee table, DeSavino and Sons was recently asked to design and install cabinets in the main conference room and engineering room. For all of the projects, DeSavino and Sons provided solutions from their Open Air cabinet line (, manufactured with Vycom’s Seaboard and Designboard HDPE (high density polyethylene). The HDPE material enables them to make the cabinets watertight, easy to clean and maintenance-free for residential outdoor kitchen, healthcare, manufacturing and food service applications.

“The durability and quality of the Seaboard and Designboard HDPE is outstanding,” says Leo Insalaco, engineer and project manager with DeSavino and Sons, who notes they cut the sheets on a CNC router and appreciate the material’s performance on the equipment. “Our cabinetry requires various rabbet cuts, dados and hole drilling. The fact that the sheet allows a uniform flatness for even performance on the CNC router helps us maintain the high quality that is expected from our Open Air Cabinetry.”

Each of DaSavino’s projects were somewhat unique from the others based on the different locations within the company and uses for the cabinetry. This ranges from lab casework that spans two full walls to a coffee table in a training room. Despite their differences, all had to be attractive, easy-to-clean and durable.

“Our maintenance-free cabinetry is manufactured to retain a look as great as the day you bought it,” says Insalaco. “The finish and texture of Vycom’s HDPE resist scratching or marring that can occur from day to day use. This helps our product stand out from the rest and gives the customer assurance that our cabinets will maintain their beauty for many years to come.”

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