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Sanatec at Play

Posted on: August 27, 2018 in Blog

At Vycom, we engineer solutions.  We employ some of the best technical minds to create and refine our products. Our research and development team is on the cutting edge of formulation, processing and design.

But, the final ingredient is your imagination!

Sanatec® HDPE is well known for its use in home and commercial kitchens.  Its non-porous high density material, and superior scratch resistance, make it the industry leader for food processing applications and food prep areas. But now, Sanatec® is moving out of the kitchen!


At the 2018 AIA Conference on Architecture, a prominent designer used Sanatec® as flooring for a modern living room. The pop-up demonstration was a huge success, with the imaginative use of smooth, waterproof, bright and colorful plastic on the floor. The new application immediately seemed like a no-brainer and now that we think about it, we can imagine designers taking this concept to a wide range of spaces, from beach house to trendy high-rise.                                           


Another new application for Sanatec® HDPE is equally imaginative and exciting: ice that doesn’t melt! UnReal Ice manufactures simulated ice rink surfaces, creating opportunities for skaters to enjoy year-round in places where “real” ice is too costly or impractical.  

“Since Sanatec is durable enough to tolerate UV rays, weather, and ice skates, it can be installed indoors or out, wherever someone has space,” says Kyle Jordan, co-owner and head of customer interest for UnReal Ice, in an interview for Athletic Business. “This rink is amazing,” said a customer in the same article. “I still can’t get over how similar skating, shooting and stick handling is to real ice.”

Thanks to UnReal Ice, we’re picturing ice rinks in garages, basements, parking lots, and back yards around the world, with happy athletes skating on Sanatec®.


OK, now it’s your turn.  Vycom has seven families of plastic products; along with our parent organization The AZEK Company, we use plastics for traditional material replacement  in limitless applications and situations. We loved hearing about these recent successes with Sanatec®. Please let us know if you have an imaginative use for Vycom products!

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