Our goal at Vycom is to increase the benefit of our products by creating solutions for customers while protecting our planet. It is for this reason that we are continuously working to increase awareness of our sustainability initiatives including the benefits of using recyclable PVC.

Polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, is a plastic that may also be referred to as vinyl. Our Celtec®, Flametec®, Corrtec®, and Seaboard® product lines are made of PVC which adds functionality and increases efficiency and ease of use for our end users. Additionally, PVC is strong and abrasion-resistant which helps our customers get long-term utilization for their products in place of using other traditional materials. Finally, in many cases, these products can be recycled into new, long-lasting materials manufactured by Vycom and its sister divisions within The AZEK Company.

Reduces Resource Depletion

Keeping natural resources in nature is important for our planet and ecological conditions. For every tree, we irresponsibly cut down we reduce oxygen, displace animals, risk vital rainfall, and increase the chances of landslides. As we continue to use PVC as a sensible alternative solution, we can help ensure we are keeping our natural resources safe from unnecessary consumption and overuse.

Reduces Waste

Landfills are a growing issue because the land is becoming scarce. As we generate more waste, we need to find more space to place our garbage and this area has to be deemed safe and free of potential hazards such as the potential for ground or water contamination. Vycom’s unique ability to take back PVC products at end-of-life for recycling is a major benefit because we’re now eliminating another material from our entering landfills and putting it back to use for the consumer.

Reduces Energy

When we manufacture solutions we use energy to create those solutions. However, the energy demand for recycled PVC is about 90% lower than the initial PVC production*. Essentially, as we put less of a demand on our resources, we are able to conserve energy for more important things. We will reduce our reliance on fossil fuels, consume less power and we protect our ecosystem from the destructive pollution that can be generated in the process.

It’s important to note that PVC can be recycled without significant loss of performance. Additionally, a PVC product can be recycled multiple times without any indication of damage to its structure. Because of this, Vycom has purposefully positioned itself to be a leader in PVC recycling. We educate our consumers and end-users on all the benefits our recycling program has to offer with our Celtec®, Flametec, Corrtec®, and Seaboard® product lines. Creating solutions is our purpose and protecting our planet is our passion.