Vycom's continuous plastic sheet extrusion process transforms thermoplastic resins and proprietary compounds (in the form of pellets or powder) into sheet stock through a combination of heat and pressure.

During the plastic extrusion process, material is conveyed through the extruder's barrel using a large single or twin screw. The process generates heat and creates pressure as it mixes the material along with color, UV stabilizers, or other additives as needed in order to create the finished product.

This continuous web of molten materials is then forced through a flat sheet die in a semi-viscous state and travels through a series of large high polished chrome rolls which start the cooling process and size the thickness and width of the product.

When utilizing a co-extrusion process, two separate extruders feed the same die to form a homogeneous product. As one extruder feeds the middle "core" of the sheet, the second extruder feeds the outer "skins" of the sheet. This process allows different material types or colors to be extruded on one or both outer sides of the sheet.

The material continues to travel "down stream" on a series of rollers when further cooling and our proprietary stress-relief process takes place. In addition, this is when texture or a desired finish is applied.

At the end of the "down stream" journey, the product is trimmed to a desired width and length. The sheet is then packaged for warehousing and shipment.